The Womb Alchemy book was created to bridge the very large gap between women and their wombs. Modern day lifestyles and centuries of patriarchal rule have resulted in women despising or denying their wombs. Periods are looked at as something to be ashamed of and pain and PMS are the norm. We are overly medicating and disconnecting when we can be celebrating and deepening into the magic that is our womb.

Womb Alchemy is committed to the reconnection of this sacred bond by empowering women to discover the beauty and potency of their menstrual cycles.

This gorgeous book is divided into four chapters. Each chapter represents a season or phase of our monthly menstrual cycle. It touches on the energies related to each phase and offers supportive foods, recipes, rituals, healing crystals, and self-care acts. It is a culmination of knowledge from many traditions including indigenous tribes native to North America.  It’s a perfect gift for any woman seeking a deeper connection with her womb.

For a printed version of the book, please follow this link.

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